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Debating Theist

I have no interest at all debating religious people.
If you want truth we must seek it ourselves.

Expressing my views & opinions are up for debate.

Hard facts.
Are not for debate unless we both had a Phd in biology and conduct a study so that it may be reviewed amongst peer with the equal or more adequate background to change the already concrete evidence of the origin of our species.

For those seeking more, become more
If you find a gap in what science has yet to discover?
Find the thread to weave it in with facts and evidence.
Otherwise don’t approach me with nonsense.
Read more. Learn more. Open your mind to an infinitely more wondrous world that your holy text couldn’t dare to dream.

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Kaleidoscope Perception

I know I want to write. I want to let others have a glimpse of my perception.
I’m fascinated by others perceptions.
We carry our own baggage, struggles, fulfill our happiness, create our own demons.
I thrive in an open minded environment.

Labeling people. Stereotypical.

Words that make me uncomfortable to my core. Why can’t people thrive in an open playing field?

I’m not atheist enough
I’m not a feminist enough
I’m not liberal enough

Humans are complex, our consciousness is pushed and pulled by everything that surrounds us in ways we all have yet to think of.

People chains us.
We chain ourselves in our ideal perception.
But if achieved are we truly happy?

I find it myself, wanting more. To be more.

Achievement in what others see is small.
Achievements in what I see in myself is grand.